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Russian Blue - seed potato / pomme de terre semence

  • $6.00

Russian Blue is a striking purple potato variety with dark blue to purple pigmentation throughout the plant - even stems, foliage and flowers have purplish colouring!  Tubers are oblong, fingerling-shaped and yield potential is moderate to good.  A later maturing variety they need longer season to reach full yield potential. Flesh is floury and flavour sometimes improves with storage.  Colour remains in cooking.  Pair with Amarosa for remarkably colourful potato dishes!

Certified organic, CFIA-certified seed potatoes for planting.  From our friends at Eagle Creek Farms in Bowden Alberta.

Please note that potato orders will only ship in early May.

All other items ordered at same time will ship with potatoes.  To receive other items immediately please place a separate order without potatoes.