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COVID-19 and the Cost of the Vegetables in your Baskets

In order to maintain everyone's safety and a fast and efficient delivery during the pandemic, we have chosen to pre-package our baskets into cardboard boxes this year. 

Adapting to the pandemic has come with extra costs for the farm. Among others are the costs of the cardboard boxes, the cost of sanitation and protective equipment, and adding a person to our team to compensate for the time needed to bag vegetables and make the boxes (about 22h per week). We absolutely did not want to reduce the amount of vegetables in the basket. 

We have calculated that the extra cost to produce the vegetables in your Weekly basket will be 30$ FOR THE WHOLE SEASON (15$ for Bi-Weekly). 

Many of you have already told us you wanted to contribute and help us cover these extra costs. Here, we give you the possibility to buy one or more contributions, according to your financial means.  

We understand that some of you will be experiencing financial difficulties this year, and this contribution is thus voluntary and optional. Do not be afraid, whether you pay or not, your veggies and baskets will not be affected. 

Note that it is possible for those who want to buy more than one contribution to do so, and thus help cover the portion of those who can't afford this extra cost. 

Thanks for your generosity and your support! 

We are very proud to be working hard to feed our community ;-) 


your Family Farmers

Frédéric and the whole Tourne-Sol team.  


PS - Please pay be credit card!  in this busy time, credit card payments will reduce the administrative load associated with payment processing for us.

Thanks again!